Sales Associate (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): United States, United States of America
Work Type: Contract

United States - Sales Associate (Remote)

Interested in generating sales for Aquatis? Looking to learn and develop your sales experience? We think we could help!

Aquatis LLC is searching for brand new talent to join our network to help leads to customers.

Associate Responsibilities

- It is the responsibility of the associates to ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity and ‘work-like’ environment at home location so that associates can deliver their best in terms of productivity and quality.
- Being able to work an assigned schedule that falls within our operating hours is required and expected.
- Answer customer queries/questions in a timely manner.

Customer Focus
- Maintain regular and reliable attendance, including the daily schedule as assigned
- Flexible with the working schedule; may be expected to work weekends, holidays and events
- Answer customer requests on our billing area to help with conversions.
- Convert 2 leads to customers on a weekly basis.

Problem Solving Skills
- Ability to approach problems logically and rationally
- Action-oriented and self-disciplined
- Organized and detail-oriented
- Ability to quickly and effectively prioritize work time in various departments to meet the business needs
- Ability to maintain composure in highly escalated situations

Technical Requirements
- Ability to use the Multicraft control panel software.
- Ability to use the WHMCS billing system.

Other Requirements

- Must be 16 years or older to apply

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